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A bell siphon is an easy way to drain your grow bed in a flood and drain aquaponics system without using a timer to turn your pump on and off.

Small and compact: 3D printed and calibrated for a small 5” grow media depth aquaponics system.
Transparent: You can see what is happening.
No more timer & longer pump life: You will no longer need a timer to control your pump. Your pump can run continuously and suffer less wear and tear.
Increased water aeration: Frequently draining your beds will increase the aeration you deliver to your fish tank.
Educational opportunity: A bell siphon is loaded with basic physics( ie. atmospheric pressure, vacuums, flow rate).

How bell siphons work: Water is continuously pumped from a fish tank into a grow bed. When the water level in the grow bed reaches the top of the bell siphon, the bell siphon starts, and the water drains back into the fish tank. This flood and drain cycle happens repeatedly without a timer to turn off the pump. This cycle helps aerate the water for the fish and the roots of the plant and prevents root rot. This is the coolest part about this system. It works solely on the physics principles of atmospheric pressure and vacuums!

Installation:To install the siphon, you need a 7/8 inch hole in your grow bed.

Tested working conditions (It may work in other conditions)

Grow Bed Size: A grow bed that is at least 5.5” in height and ,when filled with water up to 5” in height, 1 gallon of water occupies the container. The grow bed will be filled with media (ie, hydroton, riverrock, gravel) up to 5”. The siphon will sit 1 in. below the 5” of media. (i.e 11 x 7.5 x 5” container)

Pump: Pump Speed: 80 (GPH) , 4W Submersible Water Pump.

Drain Barb Size: 1/2 inch.


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