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What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a system that circulates wastewater from fish to cultivate plants, whereby the plants draw nutrients from the fish waster and filter the water for the fish. 

Why is Aquaponics important?

  • Aquaponics is an organic, sustainable farming method that can create vast amounts of food for a fraction of the water used in soil-based farming. 

  • Aquaponics can be used to grow in diverse and extreme climates.

Why Justponics?

We sell scaled-down aquaponics kits and curriculums that allow your students to learn about and experience aquaponics. Our systems let smaller teams of students individually experience all aspects of aquaponics growing instead of having to share one large system.

Aquaponics Classroom Kits & Siphons

Bulk Purchase Discounts

We offer discount pricing on our kits and siphons for educational and bulk purchases of 10 or more. You can get up to a 30% discount. You can pick between all in-one-kits or buy our ready to use siphons and build your own. We can work with you to get aquaponics into your schools.

Aquaponics & curriculum for educators

How does aquaponics fit in your classroom?

  • Students can study fish, plants, bacteria, and in a live ecosystem.
  • Students can see how plants and fish grow.
  • Students can take a time-lapse of their plants and see growing in action.
  • Students can learn about sustainable agriculture.

Curriculum for 3rd - 6th grades

We have a 4 to 6 week curriculum set for  3rd – 6th grade which includes topics such as:

  • What is aquaponics?
  • Why are bacteria important?
  • How to choose and add fish?
  • How to choose and add plants?
  • How to choose lighting?
  • PH & Plants
  • The plant life cycle
  • Parts of fish
  • The life cycle of a fish
  • Fish care
  • Types of growing media
  • Sustainability
  • and more…..
Please email us to find out more about our curriculum.

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