Deluxe Edu Aquaponics Kit


Deluxe aquaponics system: this is an all-in-one 3 tier aquaponics kit with a calibrated 3d printed micro-siphon. Grow herb or plants on top, raise fish in the middle tank and have the luxury of sump tank. The fish waste provide food for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the plants and the fish.

Micro-siphon: included is the JustPonics custom designed and 3d printed micro-siphon. This micro-siphon will help you create an automated flood and drain sequence in your grow-bed that will aerate the roots of your plants and prevent root rot. Typically, the most frustrating and time consuming part of setting up an aquaponics system is calibrating the siphon. We have done that work for you. Our siphon is calibrated for this kit.

Experience aquaponics: an affordable, easy to assemble kit with a high quality build. For those who love plants and aquariums but lack the time to take care of them. Suitable for offices, home decor, and in classrooms. See fish thrive and plants grow in our indoor gardening kit.

Set up instructions

Aquarium and grow-bed dimensions (Approx):
Size: Width 11 inches, Depth 7 ½ inches, Height 5 ½ inches
Volume: 1 gallon

(3)1 gallon ikea bin
(2)1 gallon ikea bin lid
1 water pump (with air tube)
1 bag clay pebbles
1 Justponics 3D Printed Microsiphon
1 PVC Over Flow Valve
1 net cup

Maintenance guide:
1. Top off water once a week.
2. We recommend stocking a small goldfish.
3. Do no overstock the tank.
4. Do not overfeed. It is not difficult to keep your pet fish alive in the fish tank.


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