Introducing the

1” Bell Siphon Kit for Vertical Microgreen Farming

The missing piece in building an automated, cascading, flood and drain watering system for your indoor vertical microgreen farm.

Upgrade your Vertical Microgreen Farm

healthy roots

Grow Healthier Plants

Flooding and draining ensures a steady flow of fresh oxygen for plant roots to stimulate healthy and fast growth.


Automate Your Watering​

The siphon works in both continuous and timed flood and drain cycles. It can work with or without a timer.​


Grow more vertically​

With 1 siphon per tray, watering can cascade from one tray to the next and create a waterfall effect. Water all levels using only 1 pump.

How it works


1. Water is pumped into the top grow bed.


2. Water fills the top bed to a height of 1". The siphon starts.


3. All the water is siphoned from the top bed to the one below. Then, the bottom siphon starts.


4. Water continues to cascade down each level until it reaches the water reservoir.

SIPHON Features


Works with large and small grow trays

The siphon starts and stops installed in a 4 feet x 2 feet grow tray.

water height

Works at 1" water height

Calibrated to start siphoning at 1 inch water height.


No Timer Required

Water can continuously cycle in the system and periodically flood and drain each tray.


Works with multi-level tray setups

The siphon can start with water flowing from another siphon to create a cascading watering solution.​


No need for overflow valve

Ebb and flow kits require 2 holes to function. (A drain and overflow). Our siphon only requires one.

floor and drain

Quick flood and drain cycle

Roots can be saturated and water can drain quickly at 400 GPH. Fast flood and drain cycles force out staleness around your plant's roots and pulls fresh oxygen back in.

Compared to other methods

1" Bell Siphon Specification

PETG with UV Protective Coat
Indoor and Outdoor
Installation Drill Hole
1 Inch
2 1/2" height , 2" width
Max Drain Rate
400 GPH
Min Input Flow Rate
200 GPH
Input Hose Size
Min Height Drain Clearance

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Microgreen inlet siphon

1" Bell Siphon with 1/2" inlet

Bell siphon for the top layer of the vertical grow. Has a 1/2" inlet to connect the hose from the pump.

1" Bell Siphon

Standalone siphon that starts when water height reaches 1". Used in all layers of the vertical indoor grow below the top layer.